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FireBelly was founded in early 2017 by Andy Scarth. The ambition is to offer clients creativity that is tailored around their needs. We noticed that most design agencies have a fixed process and a permanent team of people. This team is always 'crowbarred' to fit into each project – it just didn't make sense, and effective outcomes were often not achieved.


Our model is built around being flexible and collaborating with experts when needed, and our clients love it. Depending on the brief and objectives – we build a team around specific needs, taking into consideration the budget, future growth, specific skills, current trends, business life-cycle, in-house experts, gangsta hip-hop and Friday beers.

Having “Fire in the Belly” is a prerequisite if  you want to be part of the team.  We ask for passion and hunger in all facets of the job. 


The FireBelly team is small and agile – led by founder Andy Scarth. We have the network to scale up when we need to. Our focus is good service, responsiveness, asking thoughtful questions, and challenging our clients to seek the very best result for them.

Core team below.

Andy 2021.jpg


Creative Director



Studio Designer



Creative Consultant

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