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design-centric   •   commercially-minded   •   highly strategic

Combining big agency experience with entrepreneurial energy

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Naming, strategy, logo design, identity systems, packaging – we will take you on an end-to-end branding experience. Lifting your company image to create a strategic-led brand identity that lasts the test of time – this is our goal.

Design & Branding

Having the right online presence has become the key marketing output for all companies and products today. A website that explains, intrigues, inspires, sells – this is the objective. Let us help you create a digital solution that integrates with your marketing strategy to get empowering and sustained results. Firebelly is also a WIX ICON PARTNER helping our clients deliver websites on the WIX platform.

Web & Digital


Marketing, advertising and events serve their purpose to promote products and services. This is where clever ideas and concepts live and breathe. The very best creative marketing is born from an insight, a truth – something our audience can connect with. We then turn this into an engaging campaign with powerful messages, images and strategic media placement.


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FireBelly was founded in early 2017 by Creative Director Andy Scarth. The ambition is to offer clients creativity that is tailored around their objectives or current situation – no cookie cutters here. Our model is built around being flexible, collaborating with experts, and demonstrating true love for creativity. Based in Stockwell, London, our design studio is multi-disciplined, international, and highly awarded.


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Firebelly is located in the heart of Little Portugal, the cultural centre of Stockwell, in Southwest London. Inside Studio 1, we have a buzzing atmosphere of creative people, a blend of reggae and house music, and of course strong coffee is never far from anyone's hand. If you want to visit, please just get in touch.  

Our Space

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