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Lars Hackl Brand & Book Launch Campaign


Logo & Identity, Book Cover Designs, Brand Videos, Promotional Items, Website Design, Social Media

Lars Hackl is a German author who writes with a highly creative and engaging style. Lars commissioned FireBelly to develop his own brand and create a template and identity for current and upcoming books. With this, we designed promotional items, material for events, a dynamic website and social media idents.

Lars Hackl needed a signature icon to help brand his identity during and inbetween book launches. The black raven became the perfect image to represent his imagination and stories. The raven is symbolised in many cultures and folklores with a range of connected meanings; damned souls, life and death, mediator between good and bad, messenger from the Gods, a strong-willed manipulator and more... Hackl’s book characters are often conflicted and dark individuals, toying with morality and truth – so the raven was the perfect match.

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