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Nine Elms


Logo Creation, Nine Elms No.18 - 750ml+250ml Bottle Design, 3D Bottle Renders, Image Retouching, Print Advertising, Social Media Strategy


FireBelly has partnered with Timeless Drinks as a design partner to improve its packaging solution for NINE ELMS No.18 Ruby Velven. Created in London and produced using an innovative combination of traditional & contemporary techniques, NINE ELMS No.18 is a new type of sophisticated non-alcoholic that drinks like a red wine, complements good food, and can be enjoyed by drinkers & non-drinkers alike.

Timeless Drinks CEO Simon Rucker said, “Firebelly immediately understood what we needed and turned around designs and imagery in an impressively short time. They also suggested numerous subtle but important graphical changes that resulted in a new bottle we were immensely proud of and that undoubtedly helped NINE ELMS No.18 win a clutch of subsequent awards and plaudits.”

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