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Logo design, packaging design, 3D pack renders, campaign master images, illustrations, sales decks, marketing campaign, launch website

The design brief requested; logo design, bottle & pack designs, key imagery/patterns, collateral and a website for COL+ Colostrum. COL+ is a SCIENCE-LED, NATURAL DAIRY PRODUCT, sold in a ready-to-drink form. Marketed in Singapore and China, it needed to appeal to the local Asian markets and ex-pats living in the region.

Avoiding the dairy clichés of cows and ‘rolling meadows’, this sophisticated pack design is clean and contemporary, playing to scientific cues. The logo’s gem-like droplet simultaneously communicates liquid colostrum, flavour infusion and the precious contents within. The DROPLET SHAPE is the brand’s DNA – providing a visual link and graphic synergy for all communications. The tagline NATURE’S GIFT summarises the purpose of this dynamic health drink.

Bursting with colour and energy, the plant, bird and butterfly forms are created using droplet shapes. This fuses together to create a zenful collection of images, VIBRANTLY ORGANIC, yet SYMMETRICAL AND PRECISE. Proudly a product of New Zealand, native birds and plants are included to subtly reinforce the LAND OF ORIGIN.

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