FireBelly partnered with Krka UK Ltd to help lift the profile of the brand amongst the veterinary community. Krka has a strong presence in mainland Europe and is looking to creep into the UK market with an element of 'stealth-mode'.

The Krka imagery use the natural markings of animals and blends them into the background making a camouflage image. This visual trick aligns with the brand’s objective to get noticed and remembered as a sophisticated and reputable pharmaceutical business.

  • Communication Strategy

  • Brand Manifesto

  • Marketing Campaign Theme

  • Website

  • Sales Collateral

  • Advertising

  • Trade Stand 


Inspired sales team  /  Clear brand message  /  Consistent marketing strategy  /  Simple pricing collateral

Advertising  /  Trade Expo Stand  /  Responsive Website  /  Web Game and Competition  /  Printed Collateral

Krka cat advert
Krka Trade Stand
Krka website visual
Krka Dog advert
Krka game
Krka brochure cover

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