Osteopen is a new product from Chanelle Pharma that offers relief from osteoarthritis in dogs. It is only available on prescription from a vet surgery, but dog owners need to be involved in the monitoring and assessment process of their beloved pooch, so the brand needed some consumer sensitivity. 

The brief from the client was to create something that had pharmaceutical kudos but still had emotional appeal to vets and their clients. The product needed to feel modern and accessible.

  • Packaging Design & Artwork

  • Communication Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Marketing Campaign Theme

  • Digital Banners

  • Product Brochures

  • Event Banners

  • Trade Stand

The “Osteopen Orb” is a key identifying graphic that appears on pack and within the marketing campaign. This orb is seen surrounding the treated dog providing a metaphorical shield of protection against arthritic pain. The dogs are pictured enjoying life in every season of the year, getting up to their normal mischief and generally being happy pets. 

Notably, osteoarthritis commonly affects older & larger dogs, helping the headline “Old Dog. New Tricks...”  work across all material as a memorable campaign message.


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