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LEOA's vision is to create an environment where any woman has the confidence to create her own stories, embark on her own travels, live her own experiences – in a genuine independence that inspires ongoing freedom.

FireBelly created a colour scheme is inspired by a sunset / sunrise. A warm but soft palette using pinks, purples, oranges and warm neutral tones. The logo, housed in a circle represents the rising sun ~ a start of a new adventure.


OUTPUTS: Branding 
  • Brand Identity

  • Logo & Colour Guidelines

  • Brand Narrative and Values

FB582 Leoa Experiences 1.jpg
Poster mockup 2-02.png
Tote Bag Mockup 5.jpg
Poster mockup 2-02.png
Tote Bag Mockup 4.jpg
Phone mockup.png
FB582 Leoa Experiences 2.jpg

The team at Firebelly are responsive, fast paced, and really help to break down the client wants and needs. I am not a creative and wasn't really sure what I was looking for from my branding, but through some great mood boards and open discussions, they produced an amazing brand package that I'm so happy with! I would happily recommend using Firebelly and look forward to working together again on future projects.

Louise Gallon ~ Owner/Founder at Leoa Adventures

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